Soma cube variant

Fun with the Yoshimoto cube / Boing

, ancient game of obscure orin in which two players alternate in removing objects from different piles, with the player who removes the last object winning in the normal play variant and losing in another common variant.

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In its generalized form, any number of objects (counters) are divided arbitrarily into several piles.

Nim game

Passing an Array of Values to the Visual

Start Visual C en create a simple dialog based application labelled "Graph" Select "project menu" option and select "Components and contols" and then choose the MSChart component en click "add" Select resources view tab en open the main dialog (Its a simple dialog based application). Now, label your Chart "IDC_MSCAHRT1" Now, choose menu option "Classwizard" to create a member variable of your chart labelled "m_Chart" Now add a bouton labeled "Go" to your dialog.

Soma Cube Puzzle - double set with challenge cards

This, like dominoes and pentominoes, is a particular type of polyomino.

Soma cube variant:

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